February 03, 2016 —
February 07, 2016



For ZONA MACO 2016, Honor Fraser Gallery will present artworks by Sarah Cain, Rosson Crow and Kenny Scharf. Honor Fraser Gallery will be located in booth D215.

Organized by After & Again—a contemporary art platform connecting traditional textile artisans with artists and curators from around the world—Kenny Scharf (b. 1958) has created a limited edition design for a traditional Mexican rebozo. Dyed, woven, and embroidered by Oaxacan artisans whose crafts have been passed down through generations, ZapotecoMaripozo (2015) will be presented as a work in progress in the gallery's booth along with a template for the design. Also on view, Scharf's 1993 painting Starballing, featuring a bold abstract pattern layered over a background of repeated images. Scharf currently has one-person exhibitions on view at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles and the Portland Art Museum in Portland, Oregon. His forthcoming solo exhibition at the Nassau County Museum of Art in Roslyn, New York opens in March 2016.

Sarah Cain (b. 1979) creates intimate paintings and expansive installations based on her personal experiences with the underlying intention of challenging the limits of painting. Victoria Lucas (2015) and Moonlight (2011) incorporate a variety of media including beading, crochet, silver leaf, and string. The framed work on paper Untitled (Summer music) (2014) is one in a series of found music sheets Cain used as the background for a complex composition of patterns in bright hues. Cain's recent installation at the Contemporary Art Museum Raleigh covered the walls and floor of the 4,000 square foot museum using paint and found objects while her exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego highlighted Cain's smaller works on canvas in context with works she chose from her own art collection and the museum's collection.

Madame Psychosis Holds a Séance (2015) is Rosson Crow's (b. 1982) first film. Starring Kelly Lynch in the titular role, the film was written and directed by Crow who used her paintings as both backdrops and inspiration for set décor that she designed and created. The film follows the story of Madame Psychosis as she struggles with her connection to reality and questions her place in the world. Defining her identity through an iconic American tragedy, Madame's preoccupation with Kennedy's assassination obscures her true identity so much that she becomes convinced she is the reincarnation of a key witness in the events surrounding Kennedy's death. Alongside a continuous screening, we will present one of Crow's new wall-mounted collages derived from the props she created for the film. Beginning in January 2016, Madame Psychosis Holds a Séance will be screened regularly at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth.