Sol LeWitt and Conceptual Feedback

Sol LeWitt and 'Conceptual Feedback' at Honor Fraser Gallery
Los Angeles Times
By Christopher Knight
March 28, 2018

Kaz Oshiro

Exhibition: August 15-September 30, 2017
Cal State LA Fine Arts Gallery

Kaz Oshiro

The First Karaoke: Enka!
Installation by Bruce Yonemoto
Exhibition: February 26–April 2, 2017
Doizaki Gallery, Japanese American Cultural
& Community Center

Kaz Oshiro

Working Title: 10,020,000
Exhibition: February 15–March 17, 2017
Sam Francis Gallery at Crossroads School

Kaz Oshiro

Back to Mulholland Drive
Exhibition: January 1 – April 23, 2017
La Panacée, Contemporary Art Center of the City of Montpellier

Glenn Kaino, Kaz Oshiro, Ry Rocklen, Mario Ybarra Jr., Brenna Youngblood

Vanity Fair
A New Crop of Artists Re-create
a Famed 1968 LACMA Photograph
By Bob Colacello
December 2016

Kaz Oshiro

Space Between
Curated by Louis Grachos and Stephanie Roach
Exhibition: June 3-August 14, 2015

Kaz Oshiro

Join Art Catalogues on the occasion of
the publication of Kaz Oshiro's new monograph
Sunday, January 25, 2015
Art Catalogues at LACMA

Kaz Oshiro in MCA San Diego Art Auction

MCASD's Art Auction is one of the most exciting and important nights in San Diego's art scene. Selected by the curatorial team, the impressive roster of works include paintings, sculptures, drawings, and photography by leading luminaries and rising stars.

Kaz Oshiro in Unframed The LACMA Blog

In this Interview by The LACMA Blog, Kaz Oshiro speaks of his work, influences, and his latest exhibition, Chasing Ghosts.

Kaz Oshiro in Los Angeles Magazine

LACMA's satellite gallery hosts Japanese born, L.A.-based artist Kaz Oshiro, whose elaborate sculptures of everyday objects—microwaves, dumpsters, file cabinets—are stunning optical illusions constructed using painted canvases and stretcher bars.

Kaz Oshiro in LA Times

Review: Kaz Oshiro plays with perceptions in 'Still Life'
By David Pagel
Apriil 19, 2013

Each of these supple pieces is not a painting that has been manhandled but a sculpture that invites careful thinking about the differences between what we see and what we believe. Like a magician, Oshiro focuses our attention on those moments when knowledge and experience tug in different directions.

Kaz Oshiro in Artforum

Best of 2012 "Notations: The Cage Effect Today"
By Thomas Crow
December 2012

Kaz Oshiro's 2009 installation features what appear to be electric-guitar amplifiers interspersed with plain rectangular solids of identical size, the tones of the latter distributed along a neutral gray scale. All are in fact three-dimensional paintings stretched over wooden supports, the likeness of muted orange leatherette, tweed grill cloth, and imaginary manufacturer's badge all cleverly deadpan illusions. As Andy Warhol's Brillo and Heinz boxes equated Minimalism's bland spatial units with painted containers for absent supermarket products, Oshiro updates the tactic to lend palpable shape and color to something—overt sound production—that isn't there.

December 2012

Kaz Oshiro Panel Discussion at Columbus College of Art and Design

Panel Discussion: Remaking the World
featuring artists from the exhibition Simulacrum
Wednesday, Nov. 28, 5:30 p.m.

In conjunction with the exhibition Simulacrum, artists whose work focuses on the fabrication of identifiable objects join us to discuss what it means to take this path. Whether an act of adoration or critical commentary (or both), re-making "normal" objects and images translates the familiar into the unfamiliar, while introducing layers of evocative new meanings. Moderator Eleanor Heartney is an award-winning, internationally recognized art critic who writes extensively on contemporary art issues for many publications, including Art in America, Artnews, The New Art Examiner, and The New York Times. Her most recent book is Art and Today.Artists speaking include Tom Burkhardt, Chris Hanson, Tony Matelli, Kaz Oshiro, and Hendrik Sonnenberg.

Columbus College of Art And Design
60 Cleveland Avenue Columbus, OH 43215

Kaz Oshiro at Columbus College of Art and Design Canzani Center Gallery

As our culture relocates into digital realms, numerous artists have returned to a studio practice grounded in "doing" and "making." Simulacrum unites the work of artists whose making freely borrows from the worlds of ethnographic and material culture, folk art, fashion, hobby crafts, DIY, hyper-realism and the shelves of Home Depot. From obsessively detailed replication to faithful and intentional distortion, the exhibition addresses re-creation as an act of adoration and commentary. Bitterly or lovingly (and often both), all these artists remake small parts of the world in order to excavate the layers of meaning within them.

November 17, 2012 - January 11, 2013

Kaz Oshiro included in Okinawa Art in New York at The Nippon Club

Looking to showcase the artistic and historical distinctiveness of Japan's southernmost prefecture, The Nippon Club is delighted to host the Okinawan Art Exhibition in cooperation with Mr. Naoki Onaga, former Deputy Director of the Okinawa Prefectural Museum. This exhibition will introduce the works of incredibly talented world-renowned artists hailing from Okinawa. Okinawa Art in New York will be open June 20 - July 27, 2012.

145 West 57th Street
New York, NY 10019

Kaz Oshiro at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver

Co-curated by Steven Wolf and Adam Lerner, this two-part exhibition will debut a portfolio of punk rock photos from 1977 of the punk scene at the Mabuhay Gardens in San Francisco by legendary artist Bruce Conner. The exhibition will be accompanied by videos of punk rock and related performance art from a variety of nationally acclaimed artists critical to the era. Spanning historical and contemporary works, the presentation at the MCA Denver explores punk's historical connection to Conner and the Beats and examines punk's ongoing dialogue with contemporary art.

Museum of Contemporary Art Denver
March 30 - June 24, 2012

Honor Fraser Gallery is pleased to announce we now represent Kaz Oshiro

Kaz Oshiro's work blurs the line between painting and sculpture, between disguise and authenticity, as he seeks to make the mundane captivating. Taking the form of such everyday objects as microwaves, trash dumpsters, refrigerators, car parts, and speakers, his works appear to be sculptural replicas of common, mass-produced objects, if not the actual objects themselves. Employing a perfect and compelling tromp l'oeil style, Oshiro paints the stretched planes with incredible and completely illusionistic detail.

Kaz Oshiro has exhibited in the United States and abroad including: the Asia Society and Museum, New York; UCLA Hammer Museum, Los Angeles; Las Vegas Art Museum. Recent solo exhibitions include Galerie Frank Elbaz, Paris, France; Las Ciengas Project, Los Angeles; Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin, Miami, FL; and Yvon Lambert, New York.

Kaz Oshiro Interview in Walker Art Center Magazine

Kaz Oshiro's "Painting Problem" Balancing Realism and Abstraction
By Paul Schmelzer

How do you make a painting without making a painting? This is one of the key questions for Kaz Oshiro. Despite eschewing the label "sculptor," he makes uncannily realistic objects such as a full-size replica of a garbage dumpster or a column of wood-paneled Sony bookshelf speakers. The twist: his three-dimensional works are paintings made using canvas and stretcher bars, a reality viewers would likely miss were it not for an open backside that reveals the underlying structure.

March 14, 2012