Recent Paintings by Katy Crowe
Raúl Guerrero
Janet Jenkins
and William Leavitt

January 16, 2016 —
March 12, 2016



Recent Paintings by Katy Crowe, Raúl Guerrero, Janet Jenkins and William Leavitt brings together four artists whose lives have intersected personally and professionally for decades. The exhibition will be on view from January 16 through March 5, 2016. A reception for the artists will be held at the gallery on January 16, 2016 from 6-8pm.

Katy Crowe's quiet abstractions draw on nature and ancient architecture. Using a palette that often recalls desert landscapes, Crowe layers, repeats and weaves images like nets, spirals, and ladders with stripes and ovals that alternately reveal and conceal illusionistic depth. Mesmerizing in their deceptively simple compositions, Crowe's paintings suggest both reverie and rumination.

Investigating the historical roots of visual tropes through complicated (and often darkly humorous) compositions, Raúl Guerrero employs conventional painting styles to upend cultural assumptions and stereotypes. Combining imagery from American pop culture, European art history and the histories of native North Americans, Guerrero calls attention to foundational narratives that are increasingly marginalized in our late capitalist world.

Janet Jenkins photographs graffiti on lampposts, parking meters, newspaper boxes and other mundane features of the urban landscape to inspire her recent series of paintings. Building her surfaces with both brushes and rags to create a mottled texture, Jenkins then uses oil stick to carefully reproduce the ubiquitous graffiti. Meaningless to the uninitiated, Jenkins transposes these mysterious linguistic communiqués into compelling drawn images.

William Leavitt's unpopulated landscapes and interiors at times recall the aesthetics of advertising, architectural drawings, and especially theater-design sketches. Often related to his plays, Leavitt's paintings and drawings allude to narrative without entirely revealing their stories. Enlarged sections of his compositions within elliptical bubbles welcome us to view details of the pictured environments, as in marketing materials for a new housing development or product line.