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Alice Scope is a Ukrainian new media art curator and researcher based in Los Angeles. She explores the realms of Posthumanism, Postgenderism, and authenticity in machines. Scope is currently working with Serpentine Arts Technologies and Vellum LA, a women-led new media art gallery. Her passion is to create speculative worlds through gaming, XR, blockchain, and performance.She is a contributor to Future Art Ecosystems (FAE), an annual strategic briefing that provides analytical and conceptual tools for the construction of 21st-century cultural infrastructure, published by Serpentine R&D Platform, and serves as a juror at the Denver Digerati Festival.Her recent exhibitions, including “Postgender,” “River Like Ourselves,” “Hotel Blue,” and “Posthuman Island,” were showcased at the Berggruen Institute, SXSW, Gray Area, Rhizome, and Vellum LA.