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C.Fredrik V. Hellberg (1982, Stockholm) is an architect (A.MSA) and lecturer based in Bangkok. He graduated from the Architectural Association in 2011 with honours for his project “The Second Community” exploring the future of identity tourism which was also nominated for the RIBA Silver Medal. Before Fredrik joined the AA in 2004 he studied product design at Beckmans School of Design in Stockholm and ran YNG, an association for young designers as a part Svensk Form (the Swedish Society of Crafts and Design) that he founded in 2002. Fredrik’s work has received awards such as the Nicolas Pozner Prize, Julia Wood Foundation Prize, Alexander Memorial Travel Fund Scholarship and the AA Scholarship Award for all his years as a student there. His work has been featured in magazines both online and in print. His fourth year project Drawing a Kimono was in 2010 on the cover of BluePrint Magazine. He has worked with Sauerbruch Hutton in Berlin, and Stephane Paumier in New Delhi and is currently third year coordinator at INDA. Chulalongkorn University Bangkok where he also runs Visceral Intricacy, a fourth year architecture studio exploring experience based design methods. Since january 2014 he also gives an eclectic lecture class on behaviour and experience design as part of INDA’s first year program. In 2013 Fredrik together with Lara Lesmes started the multidisciplinary design and research firm Space Popular. Operating from the House of SPOP in Bangkok Fredrik and Lara are involved in a wide range of projects including museums, mausoleums, virtual worlds, artificial environments, and climbing centers. Space Popular is currently working on several projects in development and construction in Thailand.