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Press Release

Honor Fraser is pleased to present BESTEST EVER!, a solo exhibition of new paintings, sculptures, and a large-scale Cosmic Cavern by the Los Angeles-based artist, Kenny Scharf. Please join us for an opening reception on Saturday, June 18th between 5 and 7pm.

Remixing a cast of familiar characters, within an installation of vibrant paintings, glossy sculptures, and a gallery-sized Cosmic Cavern, Scharf’s latest solo exhibition explores the various ways we relate to conflict, chaos, and to one another. His nested figures squeeze, bend, and contort into shapes that at once conform to and warp the figures around them. Gestural ribbons of spray paint fall off slick picture planes, and contrasting color pallets conjuror the specters of bubble-gum pop, nightlife, and war. Each canvas struggles to contain the frenetic composition of eyes, chins, teeth, and noses. Each sculpture reconfigures the viewer’s scale and leaves us gazing through dense assemblages across the gallery floor. Scharf’s mastery of play, proportion, and intuitive mark-making is on full display.

features Scharf’s 42nd Cosmic Cavern — A blacklight-lit gallery filled with glowing found objects, fluorescent paintings, and a site-specific floor mural. Scharf installed the first Cosmic Cavern in 1982 inside of the New York apartment he shared with Keith Haring. Over their long exhibition history, the Cosmic Caverns have been shown at leading art institutions across the globe, including MoMA, MoMA PS1, MoCA, The Whitney Museum of Art, The Lotte Museum (Seoul, South Korea), The Portland Museum of Art, and the Modern Museum of Art Fort Worth. Scharf’s Cosmic Cavern #42 introduces a unique development in the series. For the first time, Scharf will display large-scale spray paintings within his immersive installation. These stand-alone artworks are installed alongside the glowing upcycled found materials. In addition to Cosmic Cavern #42, BESTEST EVER! features a gallery of monumental-sized paintings on stretched canvas. Figurative sculptures in fluctuating sizes and colors pepper the gallery floor. Together, these juxtaposing galleries mediate the cacophony of our contemporary moment and allow visitors to fully immerse themselves within the dynamic world of Scharf’s studio.

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