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Press Release

Through an ongoing program of curated performances, Honor Fraser Gallery intends to develop a laboratory for performative experimentation in the white cube. Each show invites artists to challenge the assumptions about what is possible for the body to do in a space explicitly designed to hold objects. As the only commercial gallery space with a recurring performance program in Culver City, Honor Fraser is beginning its performance history, not as big blank space, but one with the feeling of being marked by the events that happen there, of being storied.

Our first experiment, Move In was an invitation for performers to literally move in to the gallery, to reimagine the space as being home base. Move In Again features the return of several artists from Move In such as Julie Tolentino, Jmy James Kidd and Tara Jane O’Neil, Brian Getnick, Paul Waddell, Matt Siegle, and Dorothy Hoover as well as newcomers Lee Relvas and J. Patrick Walsh 3. For Move in Again, artists are invited to revisit the works they created for Move In and either continue them, transform them, or reproduce them again at Honor Fraser Gallery. Newcomers are invited to start a work in which the site of the gallery becomes intimately connected to the evolution of the piece and becomes a link in a chain of stories.

Performance art is generally thought of as a one-off and it is rare for an artist to be invited back to a space to re-investigate a performance in the context it was first presented. While there are liberating aspects to continually generating new work, one has to wonder if there isn’t also a general lack of investment on the part of performance venues in seeing a performance develop over the long term. Is it possible that these sites fear that the material of the performance could become too attached to them? For Move In Again, we desire exactly that kind of attachment to Honor Fraser Gallery and to think of the space itself as part of the work’s source material.

Performances are glimpses into a longer history, a story which reaches back to other places, other spaces. Move In Again will import something that happened at Honor Fraser Gallery back in October 2012 and will simultaneously be generating something new, something from here again.

Tuesday, April 2, 7 to 10pm
Paul Waddell: Sim 2 and and sim city too a behaviorist guide to understanding a consistent deterioration. Determined and positive Or lacking in attributes. 2.
J. Patrick Walsh 3: Hot Pot Charmer; Day #3

Wednesday, April 3, 7 to 10pm
Dawn Kasper: Marina Meets Beyoncé
Matt Siegle: Chorus

Thursday, April 4, 8 to 10pm
Wordless Welcome: Literal Ritual Sensory Experience
Presented by James Kidd, Tara Jane O’Neil, and Alexa Weir

Friday, April 5, 7 to 9pm
Brian Getnick and Bryatt Bryant: Tell me not to be afraid

Saturday, April 6, 7 to 9pm
Dorothy Hoover: A Typical California Room During the Decline of the West

Sunday, April 7, 1 to 8pm
Julie Tolentino: RAUL and JULIO series: UNTITLED (Diaspore)
Lee Relvas: The Porous World