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Press Release

“Hovering over the universe I aim my laser pistol into the eye of the universe and time slows down, is splayed out so I can see the interlocking spirals and splatted fractal glowing shapes, all different sizes and moving different speeds, but when seen from this vantage point, their spiney glorious and gorgeous perfection when seen all together…”

Honor Fraser is pleased to present an exhibition, curated by painter Kristin Calabrese, of works by twelve painters and one sculptor.

Kristin Calabrese, Nina Bovasso, Heather Brown, Glenn Goldberg, Mark Grotjahn, Mary Heilmann, Rebecca Morris, Nikko Mueller, JP Munro, Susie Rosmarin, and Brenna Youngblood will each present a painting in the 10 x 30 feet gallery space, along with a sculpture by Katie Grinnan and an outdoor mural by Matt Chambers. The works are intended to combine to create a physical presence, where, as Calabrese puts it, “each piece is the center with all the other pieces growing and tangenting off a similar vibe.”

Calabrese writes that for her, “curating is a labor of love, colored by reverie, with the fevered terseness of obsession.” She has intuitively gathered these artists together as a context, or what she terms a “family” for her own work. Her painting in the show, Mending the Cracks, depicts a cracked window screen whose reflections deny any transparency, with a pink crocheted overlay. Other paintings share an interest in lines, patterns, and the canvas as a surface that shuts the viewer out, versus the canvas as a window into the artist’s view of the world. Calabrese has brought together Mark Grotjahn’s colorful, splayed abstraction; Nina Bovasso’s jumbled patterns of flowers, polka dots and brush-strokes; Glenn Goldberg’s patchwork birds and flowers; Mary Heilmann’s small canvas with red lines revealed under a gold surface; the swirling mass of red and green of JP Munro’s All the World’s a Battlefield; Rebecca Morris’ testament to abstraction; the fractals of Susie Rosmarin’s Galaxy Painting; Brenna Youngblood and Heather Brown’s elements of the representational set within abstracted landscapes of paint; Nikko Mueller’s aerial view of Disneyland; and, in the outdoor area behind the gallery, Katie Grinnan’s intervention into a tree stump, and a mural by Matt Chambers.