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Press Release

Monday, May 18, 6:00pm
TBD – a musical play and video
by Austin Young
With sound artists, Fol Chen
Music by Fol Chen
Styling by Taryn Nicole Piana

Be in a musical by Austin Young about and starring you. Free to the public. Come camera ready and dressed in character- inspired by your break up.
1) Come participate as a member of the Chorus. Everyone can join in.
2) Bring a story of your first break up. think of a song that got you through it (limited participation). Love will keep us together.
This experience will become a musical number in TBD, The Musical.
Please RSVP to, if you would like to participate in TBD, The Musical.

Tuesday, May 19
7:30pm Ashley M. Romano: In a Moment She Goes Wild combines personal narrative and movement to question expectations of female wildness. Referencing natural disasters, horror cinema and early feminist works of art, the performance examines the role of the female body within moments of distress.

8:00pm Ashley M. Romano & David Gutierrez: Premiere screening of Death Masks, a video that explores feminist and queer strategies of representation, while positing it within an imagined post-body purgatory. Two oppositional bodies are presented within constructed and abstracted environments, shifting and colliding in an absurd attempt to become one. Featuring: Andrew Diego, Luis Flores, Andrea Hidalgo, Mary Hill, Amanda Lee, Joshua Mark Logan, Sarah Petersen, Chris Reynolds, Joanna Reynolds and
Marisa Williamson.

8:30pm Arturo Molinar-Avitia: This Performance Has No Teeth is a life-size diorama and sound piece collaboration with Joshua Carro that explores aspects of failure and asks if one can find true value or empowerment in the pitfalls of self-indulgence.

Wednesday, May 20, 8:30pm
Consensual Art, Liz Toonkel
Jizzy Lizzy is a Rap Goddess whose upcoming album, Consensual Art, dropping May 19th, 2015, explores questions of identity, the violent nature of femininity, subject/object relationships and the root causes of acne. The album and its accompanying videos will be available for download.

She will be exhibiting five brand spanking new videos, debuting other fine objects, and enacting a live performance.

Spoiler alert: She may pull some thing(s) out of her pussy.

Disclaimer: You may get dirty.

Sculptures & Props made in collaboration with Nick Rodrigues
Costumes co-designed & constructed by Kate Fry
Music Produced & Select Beats by Paul Fraser
Select Beats by Kovas
Still Photography by Myles Pettingill
Consulting Director: Zoe Aja Moore
Live Video created in collaboration with Jon Chen
Painted props made in collaboration with Gracie Devito
Additional Props & Painting: Erin O’Donnell
Costume Construction Assistants: Laura Brown, Tiffany Maxwell
Moldmaking: Sofia Arreguin
Featuring: Shagha Ariannia, Gracie Devito, Christopher Fleeger, Chelsea Yarnell & More!

Video Credits:
Photography by Paul Gleason
Co-choreographed by Kathryn Burns
Inflatable Girls: Shagha Ariannia, Gracie Devito, Brittany Lau
Fly: Gracie Devito
Flytrap: Brittany Lau
Editor: Sean Donnelly
Assistant Editor: Jules Nurrish
Art Director: Angel Herrera
Art PA: Charlie Pieper

Special Thanks to Sean Donnelly, Jill Fogel, Evans Wittenberg!

Thursday, May 21, 7:00pm
ATTACK, SUSTAIN, RELEASE, DECAY, presented in conjunction with Commonwealth & Council, is a performance collaboration joining performance and media collectives Mutant Salon, Experimental Half Hour, and Project Rage Queen.

Mutant Salon Open Hours: 6 – 7pm
ASRD performance begins promptly at 7pm (Doors close at 7:30 pm)
The event will be streamed in real time to the Live to Tape festival in Chicago and available for to view here:

Referencing a synthesizer’s parameters of the sound­shaping envelope generator, ASRD uses a diagrammatic score to orient sound, movement, voice, and video amidst a ritual of preparatory beautification. The sound ­enabled tools used by the performers to apply makeup, cut hair, and otherwise beautify themselves are such that each transformative gesture undertaken by the performers triggers different sound effects and affects, highlighting the body as a ritual site of transformation. ASRD also incorporates chromakey (“green screen”) technology with the performers wielding matching chromakeyed objects and costumes, reimagining the body and site in a relationship of indeterminate materiality. ASRD offers a collective vision of self care to expand parameters for synthesis: ATTACK (Identity), SUSTAIN (The Flame That Lights the Way Toward the Destruction of the Patriarchy), RELEASE (The Monster), DECAY (& Regenerate Our Bodies).

Participants: Eva Aguila, Marvin Astorga, Alice Cunt, Travis D, Brock Fansler, Elisa Harkins, Young Joon Kwak, Alli Miller, and Vik Victorious