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Press Release

Please join us Friday, February 9 for a New Moon Ritual, followed by a public forum on magic, mythos, and artificial intelligence.

On the evening of February’s New Moon and the eve of the Lunar New Year, Qianqian Ye and AX Mina present The Oracle at AI, a live ritual guided by artificial intelligence. The performance blends sound, incense, and meditation practices with the intuitive personas of Large Language Models (LLMs). Following the group ritual, Ye and Mina will join artist and writer, Paige Emery and Maria Minnis for a roundtable discussion.

The Oracle at AI is the latest installment of Ye and Mina’s digital installation “Do Machines Dream of Magic?” which explores the influence of traditional magic forms on the magical thinking surrounding artificial intelligence. As collaborators, Ye and Mina work with LLMs, Stable Diffusion models, and generative prompt templates to craft protection and healing rituals for emerging digital age.

To preserve the intimacy of the ritual, we ask participant to arrive promptly by 6PM. Limited RSVPs are available at the link below. Participants are encouraged to bring a yoga mat, blanket and/or cushion.

The Oracle at AI is presented in conjunction with SMALL V01CE, curated by Jesse Damiani.

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